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Enterprise Culture


   Our mission is " RF and microwave industry for human better life"

In peacetime, the economy is war, and the competition between countries is mainly the competition of economic strength. Army friends rf through self innovation, with advanced scientific research strength, promote the localization of rf microwave industry occupy the dominant force in the international, make contributions to the country's economic development, to achieve our mission "the rf microwave industry".


Our vision is "to be a great and respected company"! Military friends focus on customers and strive to make customers satisfied, create value, benefit society and achieve the company's great vision. Radiofrequency will be the leader of the rf microwave industry in the world. Through continuous efforts, continuous development, and cable as the starting point, will eventually become the integrated development group microwave industry leader.

Core Value:

   The company's core values: customer-oriented, strivers as the basis, long and arduous struggle. Customer focus: customer recognition is the only value of the company. To strive for the best: to take the interests of the company as the priority, to strive for the best, honest labor, hard work, more work. Long and hard struggle: hardship does not mean that material is always hard, but to keep the mind of the striver on a spiritual level, to be in danger. Work style of military friends: earnest, quick, stick to the promise.


The principle of "trust service altruistic awe" is the core of the management philosophy of junyou.
The core of management is. People. It is our employees, customers and partners. The trust of employees, customers and partners, and win-win cooperation with the company are the basis of the company's sustainable and healthy development. We firmly believe that trust is the source of vigorous vitality of the company!
The core feature of business philosophy is service, which is the main thread of the company's strategic development and staff's work. Take the customer as the center, with satisfaction as the guide, continuous value creation as the main line, the striver as this is the key to the company's service culture reflected, is summarized from more than 10 years of operation and management company philosophy essence.
The most essential way of thinking and behaving. With empathy, we sincerely care about the fundamental interests of customers, employees and partners, and treat competitors with a competitive mind to achieve mutual win.
The fear of the rules
Military friends maintain the fear of markets and rules in their operations and never sell the future for the immediate benefit.

Social Responsibility

Juncoax with honest management for the idea, and a great company is a socially responsible company, active bearing but social responsibility is our business enterprise of the beginner's mind, but also an important principle of our enterprise management

The core social responsibility of the company is to achieve customers, to achieve employees and to create value for society. We will make unremitting efforts to provide customers with valuable products and services, care about the key interests of employees in the company, and become the backup of the staff in the work and life. We will contribute to individuals and organizations that are eager to change their fate through education, which is part of the company's mission in the radio frequency microwave industry. Company social responsibility, not to seek fame and wealth, just to practice our inner social feelings, we are committed, in the process of operating companies do not do anything against social responsibility, also not for those who obviously violates the social responsibility of enterprises to provide products and related services.

Staff Activity
Activity is one of the important means of enterprise culture construction company, aims to reflect the value of "people-oriented" concept, to create a positive work atmosphere, let every employee can feel the fun of work. The company not only has its own internal style posters, but also regularly and regularly organize various staff activities to enrich the leisure life of employees, so that everyone can enjoy the cultural atmosphere of the corporate family.
In autumn, the company organizes employees to play outdoors, relax and promote their feelings.
Skills competition
We regularly hold various skills competitions for various positions, improve staff's working skills, improve their working enthusiasm, and enhance team awareness and collaboration among employees.
Sports activities
We encourage employees to strengthen physical exercise, strengthen physical fitness, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship through different types of sports activities.
Social welfare activities
Each year, the company will organize different types of social welfare activities, reflect the social value of the enterprise, reward the society, and inspire the staff's love and social responsibility.